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Day 2: Principles 1-3 /// “The Gospel applied to sport, experienced through sport, in the language of sport” -The day started off hearing from Zach and Jeff about 2 of these principles of faith + sport that help give purpose to and glorify God in competition.

Audience of One: God alone is worthy of your worship (Who or what do I worship?)

Inside Game: God’s love moves you from fear to freedom (What motivates me?)

Jeff showed these two videos today:
What's my Why
We are adopted and loved by God 

After lunch, the campers participated in learning from Holly about principle 3 and discussion in small groups before heading out for another volleyball lab session.

Holy Sweat/Wholly Surrender (How do I grow?)

Normally, these athletes are consumed by expectations, what others think, self pride and are motivated by results, scores and how others see them. Some of the responses of students in the labs today when asked what was going through their minds when applying the principles instead:

-Were less frustrated
-Valued teamwork more over results
-Having more fun
-Not losing faith
-Focused on the why over the result
-When conscious of the Lord: Serve team, not self 

Usually, success and scores are what Coaches use to motivate. But what is the difference when they know their coach is on THEIR SIDE? They were encouraged to have a new “Habitude:” before they stepped on the court (playing field) to thank the Ultimate Coach, the Lord their creator, the one that gave them their ability and opportunity to be there. Some examples to be thankful for:

-Their opponent
-Fun in competition
-To approach teammates differently
-Peace in the outcome 

The final game in the morning session, dubbed “the All-Star” game, this year between Central Arkansas and Tulane, was an experiment in motivation. One team was being cheered for by the crowd while the other was treated unfairly and negatively by the crowd (none of the players were aware of this though). After the game, the “losing” team compared it to playing an away game. One of their responses in how to remember the principles: “Find motivation in something that doesn’t leave when you play away.”

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