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Day 1 of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L /// The teams have been drafted and the lineup are set. As of 6pm today we were ready to begin what has become known as “the S.P.E.C.I.A.L”- a 16-20 hour sports-marathon designed to force the athlete to remember the biblical framework for sport and competition to survive, and experience faith + sport like never before. They have been learning these 5 principles all week. Now, it is time to put it into action.

The S.’P.E.C.I.A.L stands for: Scripture Principles + Exhaustion = Confidence In the Almighty Lord. Everything they’ve learned in sessions, small group and volleyball labs is about to be tested all-together in this endurance competition. They will compete in a variety of different athletic scenarios including:

 Partner Relays (on sand)
"The Devil's Beard" (on sand)
Ultimate Football (on sand)
Tire Throws
Sandbag Sit Ups
Spear Throws
Tug of War
 Push-up Relays 
Human Tic Tac Toe
(Day 2) 2 Hour Obstacle Course (begins at 4:30 am tomorrow)
Relays (in the sand)
Relays (on the grass)
Basketball (again)

After the first 3 competitions: “How ya feeling?”

Other thoughts from the first day:

  1. “Tug of War was the worst event of the day because I had to use every muscle of my body.”

  2. “Flag-football was a wake up call. This was definitely harder than I expected. Teammates started dropping. [With the way I was feeling] I thought we were at a disadvantage and my team would have to pick ME up [instead of the other way around]”

  3. “I felt defeated and discouraged, but hopeful time was inevitable. I knew the end was going to come.”

  4. “Our team ended on a high note, and in second place, so I was excited about the next day.”

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