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Day 2 of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L /// After approximately 3-4 hours of sleep, teams were up and in competition again for the obstacle course. What could be worse than waking up at 4:30am, on 3 hours of sleep? Army Crawls at 4:30am after 3 hours of sleep.

Here’s an approximate list of Day 2 Activities:

  1. 2 Hour Obstacle Course

  2. Relays (in the sand)

  3. Relays (on the grass)

  4. Kickball

  5. Volleyball

  6. Basketball (again)

Every athlete has a different breaking point. Here’s some of what was said on the second day:

  1. “It was the moment my alarm went off in it the morning. It was very hard. I didn’t want to be late and let my team down, but I also didn’t want to move.

  2. “When they made my teammate redo their army crawls [relay] I was terrified [I would have to redo mine]”

  3. “Having to do The Devil’s Beard (chain link fence crawl) twice, the second time in a sticker patch, was terrible.”

  4. “The Plant Relay (or Caterpillar relay) was mine; I cried during the whole thing.

  5. “The Plank Relay was the worst. I didn’t think my body would physically be able.”

  6. “The wheel-barrow/crab walk/bear crawls relay because my wrists felt really fragile.”

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