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Day 6 Equipping & Sharing /// This morning, everyone learned the importance of making space in our conversations for the spiritual. It was encouraging to process how to engage people in spiritual conversations and learn how to share the gospel. Then, we told campers they were going out, in pairs or small groups, on the beaches of Gulf Shores to practice sharing their faith and what they had just learned.

Taking the step of faith to share Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit, and leaving the results to God. Definition of Successful Evangelism

For most of them it was the first time they had ever even considered sharing the gospel with another person. Once at their beach locations, the intern they were paired up with prayed with them and then modeled the sharing process with the first group they ended up initiating with. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right person or group to share. It isn’t a forceful process, but you do have to initiate a conversation with someone until they allow you to share & practice what you’ve been learning at camp. If someone says “No, thank you,” it’s easy to just thank them and walk away. But the hope is that people are curious or interested enough about how they were approached to continue the conversation. There is always some type of relationship being built throughout the entire conversation, start to finish.

Here were some students’ thoughts after the process:

  1. “I liked writing and talking at the same time and using a visual to share. It was hard at first, we got rejected four times in a row [when initiating, developing the relationship and asking to share]. But it was also rewarding & convicting about how much brokenness and sin there is in the world, and how much people need Jesus.”

  2. “I felt equipped and glad to be given the opportunity to practice what I had just learned. It made me glad to go in pairs. Afterward, I felt fulfilled, like I had achieved a purpose.”

  3. (Intern/Leader perspective) “We had to step out immediately in obedience to share. It was a different experience modeling- showing that yes, it’s scary but to still go out and do it.”*

  4. “Interesting to learn others perspectives about the future and God. They were all very different. “

  5. “Very different to share with a stranger. I felt like I was intruding on a very personal part of someone’s life. I learned to be sensitive to talk about these things with people I didn’t know.”

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