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Day 9 /// Tonight the campers groups were sent off on a different competition- a scavenger hunt of course, but with a twist. This competition had an evangelistic twist as they were sent off near the public beaches and tourists areas of Gulf Shores. As they began enjoying dinner together, they were able to check things off the scavenger hunt list as they took steps of faith to share. Here are some of their experiences:

  1. “We asked our waitress about her views on God. Turns out she was a believer. She shared her testimony first, and after that [one of the campers] shared theirs. It was natural and flawless. We got to pray with her as a group before we left.”

  2. “Our group had a good time doing perspective cards to hear about what people believed spiritually.”

  3. “We ran into some about high school aged kids. As we began to do the picture cards, we could sense they were maybe believers. When we asked on a scale of 0-100% how sure they were about eternal life, they said 100%. It was encouraging to hear them at that stage of their life be excited about Jesus and was cool to share with them.”

  4. “Well our group had a hard time. Many people we asked to share with told us “no.” Eventually, we did get to share with a group. When we asked at the end if that [forgiveness & eternity with God] was something they wanted, they said,”No thank you.” It was very sad and after we walked away we decided to be praying for them.”

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