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Last Day Next Steps /// Began wrapping up the week of equipping today. Students leave for home and to be SENT back to their cities and campuses to be used for the Lord. The sessions today gave the students a framework for their next steps and specifics about how they want to take steps of faith to be used by God beyond this project. Nobody wants their experience this week to fade into just a memory of a one-time spiritual high.

They were reminded about what God says in the Bible: Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples. They broke up again into small groups to tangibly process and encourage one another in their next steps. They wrote down individual names or people groups they want to invest in spiritually this year.

The student-athletes enjoyed some free time together to play games, volleyball, pool time or enjoyed the beach before a final dinner and banquet time together to “Call Out Greatness” in each other and their intern/group leaders. A sunset baptism was the perfect way to end the final full day: Baptisms

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